PingBug is a freebies, samples and savings newsletter. The content is curated weekdays for your enjoyment by Brian (Mr. PingBug) - an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) by training - and Team PingBug. Our obsession (likely pathological) with living a life of minimal money irritations is the driving force behind this "human algorithm".

The goal is to compile the absolute best of what we find, to educate, inform, and keep readers focused on a path that ultimately leads to a life of money saving habits (and possibly a freebie addiction).

The PingBug Newsletter is designed to be quickly and easily read on your mobile phone, which is where most of us read email now anyway. If you click on a freebie, you'll go straight to the good stuff. No more sifting through multiple pages with ads, distractions and nonsense.

We've been sourcing this information for ourselves on a daily basis for years, so why not share? On some days, there just aren't enough good nuggets to pass along.  When that happens, and sometimes it does,  we wait to publish when the primo content does finally reveal itself.

We do take suggestions. Got something great to share? Simply let us know and we'll review it for our audience (no charge of course).

We sincerely hope you enjoy seeing PingBug in your Inbox.


[ping-bug] derivative: "putting a bug in your ear" - sending helpful curated content to readers through the pinging medium of email.